Survey of Colts and Junior members and their parents

Posted 11th April 2017

Thanks to everyone who completed the recent survey.  This is very helpful in guiding the committee so that we deliver what you really value from the club.

The 6 questions are shown below with the answers presented in the form of bar charts.  There were additionally some narrative comments and they were most enlightening.  From all this, we can clearly see that the club needs to work harder to promote Junior Club sessions on Saturdays.  We will work with Jake to see what might help spread the word more effectively and whether we need to do something quite different instead.  Whilst the majority of respondents indicated they were happy with the way the other issues are currently being handled, there are some things we can, and will, do to improve the outcome or arrangements for those members who didn’t agree with the majority.

We are about to launch a similar survey for the adult members.  Once that has been completed and analysed too, we will look at what all the responses are telling us across the entire membership, and take action accordingly.  We will continue to keep you informed.



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