Relying on volunteers to keep the club running

Posted 11th March 2018


I should just like to pay tribute to the small number of people who never fail to help me (and our club) when there is a problem to sort out, a crisis or an urgent issue of some kind.  At around 5.45pm on Monday evening, just as I was driving to a school governor meeting, I was told a water pipe had burst at the club and water was flowing towards the courtside pavilion. Unable to help personally, I made 3-4 phone calls in the short period of time available, and later “directed traffic” via text messages.  The aim was to at least turn off the water supply and then decide how to fix the problem at a later date.

Thanks to the support, kindness and dedication of the same small band of people who always help, real damage was avoided. Within 90 minutes, OWA colleagues Paul Jenkins and Bill Hartley had helped to manage the situation and more particularly I need to thank John Martin, who actually mended the broken pipe. That allowed water to be turned back on so the toilets could again be used.  Thanks also to club member Bob Bridges whose early intervention helped to get the water flow stopped quickly.

Events such as these serve to remind me just how much we rely on a small number of people – often the SAME few people. Let’s see if we can grow that number over the coming weeks and years….



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