Minutes of 2018 AGM

Posted 14th December 2018

Below are the minutes of the AGM from 21st November 2018 also attached as a Word documentt

Old Wilsonians’ LTC Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 21 November at 8pm


Chairman - Nigel Jordan

Membership Secretary - Judith Heayberd

Treasurer - Bob West

Head Coach RAW Tennis - Jake Johnson

Welfare Officer – Judy Evans

Jan Jenkins,  Moira French, Andrew French, Clive Prince, Roger Matthews, Rob Kingdon, Martin Qualters, Anne Qualters, John Drabwell, Chris Gurr, Anne Gurr, John Lawrence, Chris Heayberd, Tim Skillicorn; Nick Kavanagh, Margaret Buck, Nick McGarey, Martin Partridge, Jim Hallums, Derek Seston, Margaret Buck, Jonathan hares,

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming. 


Apologies for absence

Fixtures Secretary – Hazel Grace, Club Secretary - Charlotte Hares

Val Ford, Gladys Edmonds, Bernadette Clifton, Annabel Stone, John Goskie, Steve Drew, Margaret Barker, Brian Rodgers

Minutes of AGM 2017

NJ confirmed that the minutes of the last AGM were sent out with the paperwork for the meeting – and everyone had been offered the chance to request a copy in recent weeks. The meeting was asked whether anyone wished to raise any points, or disagree with those minutes.  No objections were raised so the minutes were agreed.

Nigel Jordan - Chairman’s Report:

NJ read out the Chairman’s Report for 2017-18 (attached at the end of these minutes). Copies of the draft Social Calendar for 2019 were also made available.

Jake Johnson – Head Coach RAW Tennis Report:

Jake confirmed that the coaching programme is thriving, and with Oli Weller growing into his role there is capacity to do more on Sundays, where we know there is demand.  It was explained that Oli is a home-grown coach who is now qualified to level 2 – and whose development has been a partnership between the club, Jake and Oli himself.

This year has demonstrated we can successfully attract new and lapsed players during the day who are in the over 35s age-bracket. This year 18 new faces arrived so we will try that again in 2019.  The new Thursday evening “club night” aimed at novices and improvers has been a success and looks set to continue.  Having coach support to get it off the ground undoubtedly helped.  Jake thinks we should now enter a Ladies team in summer of 2019 – there are about a dozen or so who seem keen to play – but we do need to find a captain.  We will again be running Tennis for Kids and the Quorn Cup (for parents & children). Generally the open and mutually-supportive relationship between club and coaches is what our success depends on.

Bob West – Treasurer’s Report

BW handed around his report (partially attached).  He explained that our finances are very healthy but we mustn’t be complacent – it is clear we are having to pay for greater levels of support as volunteer time is hard to find and the club continues to grow.  There are several reasons for the decrease in our profits – part relates to the timing of income and expenditure, part relates to memberships suspended due to injury generating lower subs income, part results from expenditure on the court moss treatment and floodlight cabling – but the underlying position remains sound.

NJ reminded the meeting of the ClubForce weekend in April.  Unless members help with some of the smaller tasks around the club we will have to pay someone to come in and do them – and that will add further upward pressure on membership subscriptions.

BW explained that we are proposing to increase our adult subscription by £5. There was a discussion about our fees, during which the chairman gave figures for all the other local clubs – all of them higher apart from Chislehurst which does not have comparable facilities.  There was comment from the floor that our fees should perhaps go up by more than £5. NJ suggested the Committee look at that over the coming months and raise the issue again in 2019.

BW thanked Chris for his independent scrutiny.   Chris confirmed that everything is very tightly managed and the increased use of online payments for floodlights etc has made things a lot safer. BW continues to empty the coin meters regularly but doesn’t get as much cash to handle as in the past – which is really positive.  BW also thanked everyone who helped run all events.

Judith Heayberd – Membership Secretary’s Report:

JH read out her report (attached). NJ thanked Judith for doing this job.  Most members have little understanding of just how much work it entails, with members coming and going almost daily. The club would not be the success it is but for Judith’s hard work and commitment – wherever in the world she happens to be.

Hazel Grace – Fixtures Secretary:

In Hazel’s absence, JH read out the team report compiled from captains and thanked all the captains for running the teams for the club. There were no questions. [Post Meeting Note – there was a request from some captains that the team reports should, next year, be delivered by them rather than the Fixtures Secretary]

Judy Evans – Welfare Officer Report:

Judy delivered her report (attached). Fortunately it has been a fairly uneventful year in this area apart from getting ready for the new LTA Registration requirements.

Election of Officers and Committee:

 NJ explained that the club is allowed to have a committee of up to 13 people. NJ thanked Clive Prince who is stepping down. Clive joined in 1997 and has been a Committee member almost ever since. He was Chairman from 2003 to 2006 and took over again when Brian Morley died and did a further 18 months or so until October 2010.  Clive’s departure has created a vacancy which Jonathan ‘Non’ Hares has kindly agreed to fill. No one objected – there was a unanimous decision to reappoint the entire Committee as currently constituted with the substitution of Non for Clive.  [Post Meeting Note – Nick Kavanagh has also expressed a wish to join the Committee and this has been informally agreed amongst Committee members – so we will look to co-opt him at the first meeting in January 2019. Likewise Tim Skillicorn might take a role.]

Resolutions to be proposed to the members:

The OWA encourages the sporting subsidiaries to put forward suitable candidates potentially worthy of recognition as Honorary Old Wilsonians. Last year the AGM proposed Jan Jenkins and Norman Holmes and they were duly recognised at the AGM of the wider Association in December. It is proposed that we follow a similar decision-making process this year.  The committee decided to ask this AGM to agree to the tennis club proposing Jake Johnson. NJ gave a brief summary of the achievements and contributions of each. This was unanimously agreed.

NJ confirmed that the club wishes to increase the adult subscriptions by £5 but no increase for Juniors and Colts. He confirmed that the price for adults did go up last year but the Colts & Juniors last went up in 2016.  The proposal is that a full adult membership increases from £195 to £200, couples membership from £350 to £360, family membership goes from £400 to £410 and midweek membership from £140 to £145. In answer to a question NJ advised there is no plan to raise the Junior and Colts subscriptions this year because the £5 increase in 2016 on the younger memberships back then was quite a high percentage and this increase for adults is a much smaller overall percentage. The increase was agreed unanimously.

Proposed priorities for 2019:

In line with those throughout 2018 NJ proposed a similar set of priorities for 2018, although with an increased emphasis on the security of the little hut. NJ suggested the priorities for 2019 should include:

  • Succession planning and recruitment of new volunteers
  • Facilities, hut security and floodlights for MUGA
  • Retention of members
  • Competitive success

 NJ invited members to consider these and add any further suggestions of their own.  NJ reiterated that it is now time to start planning for his departure as chairman.  We need to get new members involved so they increasingly can take over before NJ steps down.  NJ said he would gladly stay on to help with a transition, and may seek to work with the juniors, Colts & Jake for a while as that is more specialist and less-well understood by adult members generally.

NJ also highlighted that many of the Committee members have been doing their roles for a very long time and we mustn’t take for granted that they will continue to do so forever!

There was a discussion about block bookings. Committee said it wanted the views of members before the current set of block bookings is extended into the future. The question is whether to keep them – the downside being sometimes courts are not used but members looking online cannot tell that. The benefit is that this has encouraged and helped to sustain the arranged groups who do get themselves organised on most nights of the week, and during the daytime.  Questions were asked about adding further administrators. And another question was raised about extending the lead-in time for court bookings from 2 to 3 weeks.  JH will take away all that has been said and Committee will decide.

Winner of American Tournament Points Race:

NJ thanked John Goskie who has collated this throughout the year. The results are as follows:

3rd Annie Jordan

2nd Rob Kingdon

1st Anne Gurr – who received a bottle of bubbly for the achievement

100 Club Draw

Martin Partridge did the November bumper 100 Club draw. The following winners were drawn:

  • 1st prize £100 - Tony Howard (105)
  • 2nd prize £70 - Andy Steel (56)
  • 3rd prize £44 - Margaret Barker (36)


 Martin Qualters asked about the frequency of changing the tennis balls, and mentioned the poor quality on Monday last.  NJ said he and Nick Kavanagh went through all the ball on Sunday afternoon following a match to ensure they were of good quality and added the used match balls to the cupboard. It was clear from the quite animated discussion that there have been times when the balls needed to be changed more frequently.  But we do rely on volunteers and they are not always available.  The wet weather also plays a vital role in how quickly the balls go soft, of fluff up.  Jim is now doing the job regularly.

MHQ offered to install a bin where all the old balls can be stored until NJ recycles them – we get £20 for every 200 balls we recycle.

One member mentioned that the pavilion bi-fold doors need attention.  We need to get a specialist in for that.

The draft social calendar was provided to members discussed.  Chris Gurr asked whether we could revert to missed tournaments on Saturdays– if the men’s and ladies doubles tournaments get little support. NJ had already stated that this would be the last year we would offer the themed events if members do not take them up.

When there were no further questions or comments NJ declared the meeting closed at 22.00 and thanked everyone for attending.




How time flies!  It seems such a short time since we all met for the 2017 AGM. But we have enjoyed a glorious summer and are already planning for next year, which we hope will be equally pleasant.

Looking back on the year we all have a lot to be proud of:

  • Our finances remain very solid;
  • Membership is strong;
  • We have an experienced committee of willing and able volunteers;
  • Our new Club Secretary is making a real difference;
  • Our coaching programme under Jake’s RAW Tennis banner continues as strongly as ever.
  • Adding Oli Weller to the coaching programme – a home grown young coach - has been a real positive. Thank you both!
  • The subsidised sessions for seniors – sorry that means over 35 in reality – were quickly snapped up and we’ve learned there is a significant demand we can tap into;
  • Sunday coaching has long been something where there is also pent-up demand so getting that started, in a small way, is another step forward;
  • The Grade 5 & 6 junior tournaments Jake ran were a great success. These require LTA approval and it is a sign of our new status as a large club that we were successful in getting that agreement;
  • The hard courts were resprayed and look fantastic given they are now 10 years old
  • The carpet courts have looked even better since the new contractor groundsman took over;
  • The floodlight controls have been switched over from card to cash now – and hopefully that will resolve many of the frustrations members experienced;
  • We moved courts 5, 6 & 7 onto a new electrical supply to avoid the overloading problems we had started to encounter as the evening coaching and social sessions grew;
  • Several new team captains emerged, some looking after the adult teams and others the juniors.
  • Changing the date of the club’s annual tournament seems to have been a good move – and thanks to Chris Gurr for all his attention in making that happen;
  • A different scoring system for the Handicap Tournament singles was well received;
  • Our club’s social side remains strong with terrific social events – some involving tennis, others not. However not all of the new themed tennis events seemed to catch the imagination of members.  We will try them once more but if people don’t sign up and play in them, 2019 will be the last year for those;

 Of course none of this happens without a lot of effort from a small army of people - club members and Colts parents who all volunteer to help run this club.  Obviously that includes all the Committee members, but there are numerous others who run tennis or fundraising events, captain teams, fix things, manage things.  Thank you all. Without your efforts and hard work this club would not be the brilliant place we have all created together.  I should also like to thank the OWA, bar staff and ground manager as they are an integral part of what we enjoy here.

 So, what lies ahead? I have been your Chairman for 8 years and my time is coming to an end. Many of the Committee have served far longer than I have, and cannot be expected to continue indefinitely. We will eventually need others to take over, to move the club forward again.  We need fresh ideas and energy. So a priority for 2019 is to get serious about succession planning. Ideally I should like to step down in 12 months’ time. So we need to find and start preparing someone to take over.

We are now exploring the possibility of getting floodlights added to the MUGA – proper lights on all sides. We will continue to progress that.

 We need to upgrade the little hut. It needs work to remain secure and watertight. We might increase the internal storage capacity by extending the hut out onto the veranda, install new doors and windows which will give additional notice board space too. We probably need to re-roof it and that will come at a cost.

 We probably need to look at installing sensors or timers on the lights in the pavilion.  I cannot count the number of times I am told lights have been left on overnight.

But as I say each year this is YOUR club.  The events we decide to run, the things we change or add - all of this is for you the membership to determine. If there's anything you feel our club as a whole should be doing, please let the Committee know.

This is your club. Please continue to support and nurture it.



I am pleased to report the continuing good health of the Tennis Club’s finances. Whilst we show a smaller surplus for the year of £3,842 ( £9,368 in 2017 ) we have increased our overall reserves by £5,502.

We have again put aside £8K into the Sinking Fund before spending £6,550 of it cleaning and re-painting the two hard courts. They look remarkable considering they are already 10 years old. The carpet courts have also been treated to prevent moss growth and also look and play well even though they were laid 8 years ago. With interest added we still carry forward £53,207 in the Sinking Fund.

There has been a drop in membership income due mainly to some late payments, now in, and three or four non-renewal of adult members through injury. The drop in Floodlight income is harder to pin-point but certainly there has been a drop in numbers of the later Monday evening group combined with a few bad weather days during last winter. With the installation of coin operated light meters it should take out the irritations caused by faulty cards. Members need to be reminded to switch off lights on courts which are not likely to be used when sessions finish. On the whole, the leaders of groups who have light keys, paying in their light money directly to the bank works well and I thank all those concerned for their cooperation.

We have spent £1,872 on re-routing the cables to the floodlights, splitting the feed into two separate circuits. This will mean that there will not be any over-loading causing power failures.

 The club remains socially active and once again I thank all those involved in the organisation of Quiz nights, various tournaments and the 100 Club, all of which contribute useful income.

Once again I look forward to a successful year ahead.





The total membership of the OWLTC currently stands at 468 – 13 more than at the same time last year.

 The membership can be broken down as follows:  

 89 Full Members (including four honorary members)

33 Midweek Members

4 Holiday Students

67 Juniors

266 Colts

9 Social Members (includes coaches)

 I have an additional 10 Colts already in the coaching programme with Jake who are at various stages of their membership applications and adding them to the list will take the overall total to 478.

 79 members did not renew in 2018, as opposed to 95 for the same period last year.

 The number of adult members has declined a little from last year – six full members and two midweek members – which is partly due to the fact that the age profile of our adult membership tends to err on the high side!   A few members have retired from playing and become social members (an increase of three) and others – of all ages – have not renewed their membership because of long-term injuries or ill health.   Many will renew when they are fit again.

On the plus side, we have recruited 62 new members since the start of the tennis year, mostly Colts and Juniors but also full and midweek members too.

 Jake’s RAW Tennis coaching programme continues to go from strength to strength and in particular the number of Juniors we now have at the club has increased from 53 last year to 67 this year.   They are the future of the club and the fact that we are retaining young members when they transfer from primary to secondary school and they have so many other activities to attract them, is really important.

 As has been mentioned already, we are proposing to increase the full and midweek subscription categories this year by £5 with consequential changes to the other group adult membership fees.   For the same reasons as last year, we are looking to the future when we will require additional paid assistance to administer a club with nearly 500 members. 

Overall our membership numbers remain at a very healthy level and the tennis club continues to thrive.   As always I would like to say a big thank you to Nigel and Jake for the countless hours they put in to make the club the success that it is.







WINTER 17/18






Men's 1





Men's 2













Men's 1





Men's 2





Men's Vets




1 by us

Midweek Men’s Vets




1 by opposition


I have reports from all the Team Captains but would like to say a big thank you to all the Captains for taking on the challenge.    Many thanks to Chris Heayberd who  has supported the Team Captains in helping to organise the teams, Judith Heayberd for booking the courts  and to Nick Herbert for posting the results on our website.   We are still having difficulties in fielding some of the Men’s teams but Nigel has had a meeting with all Captains involved and hopefully this will make a difference for the summer season.  Congratulations to Tim Skillicorn and his team players for winning their division in the Men’s Doubles league.

 At present we don’t have a Men’s 2 Captain for summer 2019 so would really appreciate someone coming forward to run this team.  If you are happy to do so please let Nigel or I know.  We need to have a Captain in place by the end of December 2018 as we submit our entry for the summer season during the first week of January.


MEN’S 1 Winter 2017/18 – Captain: STEVE DREW

With only 4 matches in the winter league, the season was over almost before it started! We had a consistent Men’s 1 team and put up some excellent resistance against good sides. Although we narrowly lost the first 2 matches by just 1/2 a point, we came back with a 4-0 win the final match to keep us in the division to fight another day! I would like to thank the 7 players who turned out for us.


MEN’S 1 Summer 2018 – Captains: NICK KAVANAGH & TOM MORRIS

 With thanks to a committed pool of players, we managed to fulfil all of our nine fixtures which given the eleventh-hour change to captaincy was pleasing. 

 We had a few organisational challenges along the way with re-scheduled matches and our approach to getting commitment from players. The main learning for us is that, where possible, we should look to avoid scheduling weekday fixtures that aren’t within a reasonable distance. We are also trying another approach to organising players for the winter season.

The outcomes of those matches were mixed, with us winning five and losing four. We found away matches on unfamiliar surfaces difficult, while winning pretty much all of the matches at home on our unique surface.

We hope to do better next year with a consistent, settled team.


MEN’S 2 Winter 2017/18 -  Captain: TIM SKILLICORN

The winter season 2017/18 was a successful season.  Match results: Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0.

The team won their league and were promoted from league 6 to 5.B.  We managed to get very solid players out for all 3 matches. Special thanks to James Goskie and James Curzey who were a particularly strong team.  We have to be honest and say that league 6 is the bottom league and the Men’s 2 should be in a higher league so the result is not unexpected. We have already made a good start to the 2018/19 season which we hope to continue.


MEN’S 2 Summer 2018  Captain: TIM SKILLICORN

The summer season 2018 was an average season in terms of results.  Match results: Played 10, Won 3, Lost 6, Drawn 1.  The team came 4th out of 5 in league G, which is the lowest league in the North Kent League.

The highlight of the season was the addition of 2 junior members to the adult teams, Archie Hares and Harry Suggett who both represented the club with great spirit and we saw huge improvements in both players as the season progressed. Special recognition goes to Harry Suggett who played in 7 of the matches and demonstrated his determination to win.

 In total we had 23 members play in the team across 10 matches. This highlights the fact that we could not get out a consistent team which resulted in the higher rate of losses than wins.

I need to mention that the level of effort to find 6 available and willing players was harder than the prior year and we were close to conceding some matches but managed to avoid this at the last minute.

 Unfortunately, given our results and the difficulty in compiling a team it has been discussed whether it makes sense to continue with 2 men’s doubles teams. In conclusion it would be disappointing to have only 1 team considering the number of adult and junior members the club has so two Men’s doubles teams will be entered into the summer league for 2019.

We welcome suggestions from members on how support for all teams can be improved.


MENS VETS Summer 2018 – Captain: ANDREW FRENCH

With some good and enjoyable matches during the summer, the vets is a good format for getting match experience and testing yourself against good players of a similar age group of 45 plus. Unfortunately, with an early mix-up over the Captaincy duty at the start of the season and penalty points for one conceded match and more for failing to turn up with a full team for another, we have not come off particularly well on the final points tally - finishing 5th out of 6. That said I think our results do not reflect our ability and I think we could have finished 3rd if we had got our management act together earlier and not been penalised. One of the matches, against Hartley on the night of the England semi-final in the world cup, where only Nigel and I could make it - neither of us being football addicts, and unable to get two other players to come with us, we battled it out only to get beaten by both of the Hartley pairs and ending up going home with no points and a penalty – oh well you do your best!

Many thanks to Jeremy who played and assisted with the team management and to those that played – John Lawrence, Tony Howard, Derek Seston, John Goskie, Richard North, Steve Drew, Nigel and others.

Thanks Andrew


MEN’S VETS (Over 60’s) Summer 2018 – Captain: JOHN GOSKIE

All in all a good summer for the 60+ team, more wins than losses, finishing runners up in the division and narrowly missing promotion.

 I hope everyone who turned out for the team enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to 2019.




The OWLTC Committee reviewed and approved the Safeguarding Policy in August 2018.  The new Policy is based on the LTA model, is in line with national expectations and is more comprehensive than the previous policy.  It is available on the website and is displayed in the tennis pavilion.  It will be reviewed again in August 2020.

Since last year’s AGM, I have investigated one incident that was reported to me by a fellow member of the Club.  I was satisfied that Jake Johnson, Head Coach had dealt with the incident in an appropriate and proper manner and this was reported to the Committee accordingly.

I continue to ensure that relevant coaches and volunteers have had a satisfactory Criminal Records Check (DBS) and that they are renewed every 3 years.

Since October, 2018, the LTA have introduced a requirement for clubs to meet 5 Safeguarding Minimum Requirements in order to be officially registered with them.  This aims to support us in creating a safe, accessible, enjoyable and welcoming environment for everyone.  The five minimum standards are:-

  • Have a Safeguarding Policy in place that has been clearly communicated to all involved at the club;
  • Have a Diversity and & Inclusion Policy that has been clearly communicated to all involved at the club;
  • Have a Welfare Officer who has undergone the necessary training;
  • That relevant Criminal records checks have been undertaken and are satisfactory;
  • That an annual Risk Assessment of the club and facilities is undertaken.

The Committee is satisfied that the Club meets the requirements.

The Committee have recently arranged for a sign to be displayed on the side of the pavilion to remind members and visitors of the conduct that we expect when they are at the Club.













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