Alf Parish Memorial Darts Competition - Part 1

Old Boys Events  •  Posted 7th March 2018

The Alf Parish Memorial Darts Competition took place on Friday 2nd March as The Beast from the East & Hurricane Emily collided ! Well done to all those who made it to Selhurst Park to participate & watch . Due to so many being stuck in the extreme conditions it was decided to postpone this event until mid may or June when the masses could attend. Still 16 competitors and a doubles competition took place . We (old wilsonians ) seem to be the equivalent of Phil "the Power" Taylor of the South London community, with the Cricket Club (Abbett boys Matt & Howard) beating the football club top pairing of Chris Billing & Matt Rand . Doug Forbes & Chunk won the losers competition (how apt , i know but i cant help myself) . well done gents and both football & cricket clubs are financially better off .

A more detailed report is in the Football newsletter written by the organiser Mike Pike

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