2018 Rolling American Tournament

Posted 23rd November 2018

Winners for 2018 American tournament:

1) Anne Gurr,

2) Rob Kingdon,

3) Annie Jordan

Congratulations to Anne, Rob and Annie and thanks to all those who took part this year. 

Look forward to 2019's tournament

After 4 Rounds of the 2018 Rolling American Points Race, the leaders are:

Anne Gurr                   34.5
Clive Prince                 30.5
Rob Kingdon                30
Steve Drew                  29
Annie Jordan               28.5
John Lawrence            28

Round 5 Saturday 6 October 2018 and the final event is on Saturday10 November. 

After 3 rounds of the 2018 Rolling American Tournament, the leaders are as follows:
Steve Drew              29
John Lawrence        28
John Goskie             25
Vince Turner            25
Margaret Buck         24
Anne Gurr                24
Round 4 will take place on Saturday 8 September. More details to follow nearer the time

After two rounds of this years Rolling American Tournament, the leaders are as follows:

John Lawrence            17

Clive Prince                  15

Chris Gurr                    14

Vince Turner                14

Steve Drew                  13


The third round is taking place on Saturday 5 May 2018 so keep it free! More information will be sent out nearer the time.

Thank you to everyone who has helped organise the tournaments so far and to all of those who have entered!

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