28th April 2017 09:00 to 30th April 2017 17:00

This is a reminder that our annual work weekend is scheduled for Friday 28 April to Sunday 30 April 2015.

 We are looking for volunteers to offer some of their time - even a half-day is valuable – to give something back to the club.  You can just turn up but it helps planning the work to know who is coming.  Please add your name to the list of volunteers.  There is one in the hut and another in the pavilion. Alternatively you can let us know by email to say (if you can) what day/morning/afternoon you will be available.

In particular, if you have a specialist skill – such as carpentry, electrics, painting etc, please don’t be shy.  It helps to allocate tasks to those best able to complete them.

 There is a major job to be done this year – paving the 2 triangles of soil close to the pavilion.  We did intend to have gardens but I think we all know that wouldn’t work.  So the plan is to pave them over.  We need some skilled help and some labourers.  And someone with an angle grinder to cut the slabs!

We also need to change the broken floodlight bulbs, as we do every year. That involves erecting the scaffolding and changing the broken bulbs.  Not a task for the faint-hearted but it always seems to get done.  There are lots of smaller tasks too – some of which can be partially done from home, or on another day (preferably in advance).  For example, we want to make sure all the notices we need are printed, laminated and in place. I hope to be around most of the time to work and steer… other jobs include tidying up the hut and pavilion, dealing with all the lost property, touching up the pavilion paintwork, varnishing the patio furniture, brushing moss from around the net posts, trimming the conifer trees……

As usual, skills will be deployed where they are most needed.  That means we will get specialist help from other sports sections of the club where we need it, and may be asked to work on their jobs in return too.  This is a great opportunity to meet people from some of the other sports clubs, and is usually thoroughly enjoyable even though lots of great work is done. Bacon sandwiches and liberal amount of tea are usually available.

The next step is to determine what court availability there will be throughout that weekend.  More on that later. I’ll try to keep as many options open as I can, but those wishing to play should equally be prepared to help out as well. The courts will definitely have to be unavailable at some point whilst we access the floodlights.

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