Save a life - New Defibrillator

Football Newsletters  •  Newsletter  •  Posted 10th May 2018

By working closely together, the Old Wilsonians’ Association, the football and tennis clubs have secured a second defibrillator for our sports ground at Hayes. It has been shown that the use of a defibrillator in the first few minutes can improve the survival chances of a heart attack victim by around 30%.

We need everyone to know where it is, and to just react and use if when and if an emergency incident arises. We also need everyone to be vigilant so that the machine isn’t stolen or tampered with.

The new machine has been installed in its own highly-visible green & yellow cabinet on the end of the tennis pavilion. It is likely to be the closest machine to those on the far side of the ground during cricket and football matches as well as for those playing tennis and netball. The cabinet is always unlocked and is kept warm in cold weather to ensure the defibrillator is always available.

Both our defibrillators can be used by any person, without training and without significant difficulty. The kit talks to the user and an emergency 999 call will also elicit help should a person need it. The new machine also has a User’s Guide with it. Anyone - repeat anyone (trained or not), who uses the machine is regarded as a 'first responder' and indemnified as such from any legal risk under an official NHS scheme for this. Basically if a patient has already “died” you simply cannot kill them again. Anything a first responder does can only be helpful.

The battery lasts for about 4 years and we have a replacement. We also have replacement pads if and when they are needed.

Thank you