Harris hits 80!

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The little mexican , Mike Harris has hot the big 80 ! most of you will know him from him telling you to get out of the penalty area , or no bags in the club during the football season . so i thought i would give my view of the little terrier ! 

Mike has been a club member for over 60 years , he was in the same year as Mike Kendrick & they are close friend to this very day. Mike started off playing both football and cricket , he then turned into a referee (the only ref to send me off & mighty happy he was to brandish that red card) , and a bit of umpiring . He love admin and and for year ran one of the old boys cups & has collated and updated appearances & goals over a 20 year period . He loves the football club & expects high standards of it . It was no surprise when he became life president , he has also been honoured by the FA for 50 years of service to the game . He has also been honoured as the President of the Association . 

If you get to know Mike he a lovely caring man , quite funny , obviously in a grumpy way . I thought he was a one off , until i saw his grandson a year back come up the club with a briefcase , similar to Mike , sat at the bar opened his case and started working , he even had the glasses !!!

Mike is married to the lovely Lilleen easily his better half & always has a smile (so he must be doing something right) .

I think Dave Nelmes summed the football clus feelings for Mike up , when after Mike had a go at one of the opposition for warming up in the Hayes goal area (a no no for at least 50 years ) The oppo took offence and had a go back , Nelmesy stepped in and told the player off , how dare he have a go at Mike. I asked why as Mike loves a bit of aggro ? .Nelmsey summed it up thus " he may be an old git but hes our old git , they cant do that ! " 

Congrats to our old git , Mike happy 80th birthday and heres to many more