Steve Press RIP

Posted 29th August 2018

Sad news . Stephen Press passed away last week after a long illness , our thoughts go out to his family down in Southampton . 

Steve was my first cricket captain & took me and a lot of other youngsters under his wing . He loved the game & that enthusiasm rubbed off on us & whilst we werent a good side we battled haerd under his leadership .

Steve was a enviromental health officer, who was introduced to the club by Micky Pilgrim . Steve was probably the most unlikely health officer ive ever met , he embraced scruffiness, poor eating habits , and alcohol with a great gusto . Pear head as we fondly knew him became a great mate who i set fire to & barred from sleeping at the club , recieved a rash from his jockstrape , toured with , laughed & laughed so much that it hurt . Steve loved life & lived it & i was lucky to have lived a bit of it with him , he will be sorely missed . 

RIP Steve

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