2018 World Cup Predictor

Posted 24th May 2018

With the 2018 World Cup around the corner it is time to start finding ways to distract yourself from England’s inevitable Group Stage exit following a 0-0 bore draw with Panama. After the success of the Premier League Eliminator we have tweaked the design to bring you the OWFC World Cup Predictor. Based on the US’ College Basketball “March Madness” the rules are simple:

  1. For each of the 8 Groups predict where the teams will finish by entering them in to the yellow boxes. Make sure you predict all four places as there are points available for each position correctly predicted.
  2. Once the Groups have been completed your Round of 16 fixtures will auto-populate. Continue to guess the winner of each fixture all the way through to the final, crowning your FIFA 2018 World Cup Winner.
  3. Points will be awarded as follows: 2 points for each correctly placed team in the group stage (max 64 points), 4 points for each correctly predicted Quarter-Finalist (max 32 points), 8 points for each correctly predicted Semi-Finalist (max 32 points), 16 points for each correctly predicted Finalist (max 32 points), 32 points for correctly predicting the winner of the World Cup and 16 points for correctly predicting the 3rd placed team (max 48 points). Total points available is therefore 208.
  4. In the event of a two or more people scoring the same points the winner will be decided by predicting the total number of goals scored in the tournament

Entry is £10 (please pay in to the OWFC bank account) with £4 going to the club and the remaining £6 going in to the prize pot. Prizes will be split as follows: 1st place - 40% / 2nd place - 20% / 3rd place - 15% / 4th place - 10% / 5th and 6th place - 5% / 7th and 8th place 2.5%.

All that is left to do is pay your entry fee, complete the attached spreadsheet, and email it to James Eglon at eggyowfc@gmail.com

Good luck!!

OWFC FIFA 2018 World Cup Predictor Spreadsheet

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