The OW Super 8s finish 5th Overall in Kent!

Posted 11th September 2017

Having qualified well in the initial tournament earlier in the year we arrived with most of the team that had won through the group ready for the fray with 24 teams to see if we could beat last year’s 9th place finish.

Drawn in a strong group we needed to play well to qualify in the top positions, which focused the team for the first match against Sissinghurst Scamps, who had an impressive first 3 pairs in bowling terms, but their last pair got destroyed by Eion and Joe who put on around 30 for the last pairing. In reply we fielded superbly with great catches, runouts and bowling… just too strong and we eat them by 30 runs.

Second match was Marden Minis and another match where we fielded superbly and the team started to grow in confidence with another confident victory.

Next came Chislehurst & West Kent, who were to prove a much tougher task and consistently score around 230, but not against the Tigers. We bowled them out for 213 with more superb bowling, catching and runouts, so at 216 with the last pair to bat they just blocked out to win the 3rd match.

On a roll, but getting tired the team lost their last 2 matches against St Lawrence and The Mote, due to bat batting and a lack of concentration so a rest was much needed as we waited to hear where we came in the league…

Good and bad news…

Finished 2nd and in the top 8 for the county, but Bromley Fury in the next match who are a formidable force and reigning champions. A win meant top 4 a lose meant 5th to 8th  for the team…

Hard fought game but Bromley were far too strong individually for us and we were well beaten.

Next match we won well and again found our fielding skills, with the final pair, Eoin and Joe, steering us home to a strong victory. In the 5th vs 6th play off we came back to Chislehurst & West Kent who had beaten all the other teams in out league in style but lost to us in a close game. They batter extremely well only losing one wicket and posting 233, a formidable score, meaning we needed all out pairs to perform and not lose wickets. George and Louis took the bull by the horns and put on 12 for the first wicket. Second pair Daniel and Jackson pushed us up to 20. Eion Carvell had strict instructions not to lose a wicket and played above their level to put on another 4 runs under some strong bowling. So entered Eion Matthews and Joe Kendrick with no wickets left the team had left them in a good position to take the team to victory and 5th place in Kent. They went about their task with a positive approach and went 1 run ahead with 2 balls to spare and sensibly batted out the last 2 deliveries to beat Chislehurst once again and claim 5th place in the county.

Great support from the parents of the boys with a special thanks to Paul Matthews for helping with scoring and umpiring.

Eoin Matthews – Great sportsman. Great cricketer who has been a great captain

Joe Kendrick – 110% in the field and a great inspiration to all who play with him

George Vowell – Great heart in such a young player who takes the burden of his team mates on his shoulders and drags them through to victory with him

Jude Reid – Quiet but with great concentration he always played above his level and surprises me even to this day

Jackson Burgess – Came in late to cricket but a great potential for the future and improving with every game

Eion Carvell – another quiet one but he shows how good he can be when put under pressure

Daniel Lee – Will be a hard hitting middle order batsman who will destroy many a bowling line up

Louis Edwards – Bowls and bats well Louis is a good all round player who improves with every match he plays

Chester Willis – Another one from the Willis stable. Un-phased despite his young 6 years of age, he played as well as any player and the Willis v3 is definitely going to become a Super 8s legend and One day I would love to see him with the legendary Rodda v3 playing in our 1st XI in the Premier league. Science shows version 3 is proven to be the best.

Thanks to all the families for their great support as that is what makes the Old Wilsonians such a great club.


Coach Doug

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